The Dream

“Ca’ Piadera has an adventurous character. It all began a few years ago when I bought an abandoned derelict farmhouse that was completely covered with plants and shrubs. Through sheer determination, I have renovated the farmhouse which dates back to the 19th Century, and have faced and won considerable difficulties and battles along the way; but have always been rewarded by the views of the beautiful landscapes, charm and atmosphere of this place. I work and live surrounded by vineyards, sharing daily plans, hopes and visions of the future with the people in the company who now represent my family. With them we share the strong feeling of satisfaction we get from our guests and I can finally say that what was once only a dream has taken shape. This is why I continue to believe in and be happy on this adventure”.
Glauco Forte

Why choose Ca’ Piadera?

  • It is immersed in green hills
  • You feel welcomed as if you are a part of the family
  • The food is genuine and authentic
  • The vegetable garden is just outside the kitchen
  • The view of the vineyard is rejuvenating
  • To drink quality wines
  • It is near many interesting places
  • Here, time slows down
  • To taste wonderful homemade jams
  • There is a scent of valerian and mint